• SCIENTIFIC 8 STAGE FILTER SYSTEM : BATH1000, is to ionize and purify water, raise the water pressure, save the water, and convert into hexagonal water through ionization. Certifitation : FDA Registered, LOHAS, Korea Eco-Label
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF IONIZED WATER : The magnetized water has a skin cosmetic effect such as skin moisturizing and pore cleaning. It is effective for skin diseases such as atopy and athlete's foot.
  • SOFT WATER : The magnetized water has a similar effect to the hot spring water and keeps the skin soft and clean.
  • 2 STAGE FILTER : Filtering of foreign matters such as drainage pipe floats, debris and hair through a two-stage filter.
  • WATER SAVING : As water presses through the micro plate with perforated ultrafine discharging holes for discharge, it results in the apparent effect of water saving.



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